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Cortez Pearls - Mexican Magnificance

When you think of Mexico, what comes to mind? Pottery? Serapes? Tamales?

How about naturally black pearls? That's right. From 1500 to 1800, pearls were as much associated with Mexico as pottery is today. In fact, Mexico was the world's only source of black pearls-most from the Sea of Cortez, the 700-mile long inlet that separates Mexico's mainland from its California peninsula. Now, off the Sea of Cortez's cactus-dotted, rugged desert shoreline, Mexico has re-joined the league of pearl-producing nations.

    Introducing Cortez Pearls®-the last word in black pearls from the world's first source of this gem. Cortez pearls are like no other black pearls. They are the Rolls Royce of the black pearl world. But their rare beauty and aesthetic differences are only part of the story. Cortez pearls are produced in limited-edition harvests that are part of keeping three solemn pledges.

    The first pledge is to environmental protection. Unlike any other in the world, the Cortez pearl farm is owned by marine biologists who are determined to preserve Mexico's natural beauty.

    The second pledge is to quality. The Cortez pearl farm is committed to producing only the finest, most iridescent and lustrous cultured pearls. Poor quality pearls will never be offered for sale.

    The third pledge is to integrity. Every Cortez pearl owes its beauty to nature not man. Unlike pearls from other countries, Cortez Pearls are never artificially enhanced to improve color, luster or complexion.

    Before talking about Cortez Pearls, let's look at the fascinating history and heritage of the Mexican black pearl. As you'll see, Cortez Pearls build on a long legacy.

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